Math Brush-up Course

Fall 2021

Economics of Public Policy Program (M. Sc.)

Barcelona School of Economics

The aim of the course is to revise the basic tools in mathematics – such as linear algebra, calculus and optimisation methods – which are going to be used in the courses throughout the master program

Dynamic Structural Models for Policy Evaluation Theory – TA

Summer 2021/2022

Barcelona Summer School

Barcelona School of Economics

This course deals with methods and applications of dynamic discrete choice structural models in Economics. The goal of the TA sessions is to provide practical implementation of the models presented during the lectures.

Econometrics II – TA

Spring 2021

IDEA Graduate Program

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The course extends students’ econometrics tools by introducing extremum estimators (ML, GMM, and etc.), Bayesian methods and Time Series analysis. The goal of the TA sessions is to provide practical and theoretical extension of the material discussed during the lectures.

Reinforcement classes – TA

Fall 2019/2020

Economics of Public Policy Program (M. Sc.)

Barcelona Schoolf of Economics

The goal of the classes is to help students with a non-economic background to go through basic math and economics concepts, which they face during the first semester of the master programme.

Teaching evaluations are available upon request.


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